4 Easy Ways to Uninstall Microsoft Security Essential from Your Computer

Many of you install Microsoft Security Essential into your desktop/laptop to keep it protected. Later on, you know that this program is a fake security program and is not developed by Microsoft. You start thinking of uninstalling the program. You can contact the Microsoft team via www.office.com/setup. Here are some useful tricks for your support:

  1. Uninstall Your Anti-Spyware Programs

There is a higher chance of conflict between the two security programs. You must act to uninstall the antivirus software program from your computer if you notice an issue. For the uninstallation of the software, go to the Setting button after clicking on Start. Find the application and choose the security software installed on your personal computer. In the end, choose the options Uninstall and follow the instructions that come on your computer screen.    

2.Download Microsoft’s Fix Tool

Most of us are aware of the release of Microsoft’s Fix Tool that can easily fix the uninstallation issue of Microsoft Security Essential (MSE). First of all, you should download this fixing tool. Close all the programs and web browsers before starting the launcher of Microsoft’s fix tool. To install this tool, keep a close eye on the directions coming on your PC screen and follow the same.   

3.Modify Registry Keys to Delete Microsoft Security Essential Manually 

After clicking on the Start button on the left lower corner of your desktop/laptop, enter the Control Panel in the search box. Go to System & Security and select Restore (Windows 7) and Backup. Click on Create a system image by going on Window’s left side. Go to a hard disk if you are instructed to create a backup. Here, you can go to the backup button after clicking on Start. office.com/setup.

Go to the Start button and choose File Explorer after the completion of the backup process. Later on, go to Program Files in the C drive of your personal computer and choose Microsoft Security Essential client. Do right-click on the Setup.exe after finding it and go to Properties. Click on the Change settings. Tap on the OK option after changing the compatibility mode.           

4.Use Command-Line to Uninstall the Program

Type the Command prompt after going to the Start button. Do the right-clicking on the program and produce the admin rights to it. Incorporate the below-mentioned line and press Enter button as the Command Prompt opens Windows –  

C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Security Client\\setup.exe” /x /disableoslimit 

With this, you can easily uninstall the MSE program from your computer after clicking on the Uninstall option. You can contact the Microsoft support team through www.office.com/setup if you are still having the issue. 

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