What is the history of Microsoft Office and how does it work?

Microsoft office has been found on 1st August 1988 The founder was bill gates. Microsoft office has several applications for the business person, Home, and students also. for example, Microsoft is a package of these Applications – Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. Microsoft office helps us in a different way If we can create our data and maintain it on our device. Such as you can use MX Excel, MS PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft One Drive, and WordPad to create your data. Microsoft office can be installed on both devices Windows and Mac. You can get Microsoft Office from office.com/setup. Microsoft office has also maintained Mobile applications for Android devices and iOS devices. Microsoft office has also a web version that can be used on a web browser. After 2013 Microsoft has launched office 365. Let’s talk about Microsoft core apps and services

What is Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the best Word processing and document creation ap. You can easily create your documents on Microsoft Word and you can also find out how Microsoft Document collaboration and editing tools work to polish your document and make it very attractive and simple. Microsoft Word has been installed on more than one billion devices till now. You can use Microsoft word for business and school Expect this there are so many uses of this application including invitation, card, gift tag, recipe card, certificate.

What is Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful programs for data analysis and documentation. Microsoft Excel has been made with rows and numeric columns. Where each intersection of column and row is called a cell. Each and every cell contains one point of data Or you can say one piece of information. This is the way this app organizing the information. Microsoft excel makes information easier to find and automatically draws the right information from changing data.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is also the most useable application Microsoft PowerPoint helps us to create an impactful presentation for a business person and a student also. You can easily create a sliceable presentation. which can be displayed on-screen and show by a presenter or printed there are several uses of this application that why this is a very important application in Microsoft office.

What is Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is called a notetaking application that collects handwriting-type notes, screen clipping, and drawing and also included audio commentaries. Microsoft OneNote is a standalone app that means this application was not included in any Microsoft office 365 edition.

What is Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a Mail sender application you can send Mail or Document through Microsoft Outlook. It is very easy to use you have to create a Microsoft outlook account after that you can easily use this application. This application can be used in Window device and Mac devices.

What is the process to download Microsoft office 365?

First of all, We would like to tell you that office 365 has become Microsoft office 365 from 21st April. There are so several ways to install Microsoft office 365 from office.com/setup. We would love to help you to install Microsoft office 365 on your device. It is necessary to have the Office subscription or package for using downloading the Office setup. You have to follow some simple steps for the installation process. Are you ready to let,s go
Step 1 – first of all visit www.office.com/setup and choose the best product from there according to your requirement.
Step 2 – you will have to choose the best version from which will be looks like 2019, 2016, 365, 2010, and 2007.
Step 3 – Choose your desired package and click on add to the chart.
Step 4 – Once you select the product then click on continue payment.
Step 5 – You will have to pay from your Microsoft account if you don’t have then create one. Or if your Students you can log in with your college ID card.
Step 6 – Now you will have to click on the Options form Homepage.
Step 7 – Now you will be able to see the listed office products on your desktop screen.
Step 8 – Now you can find your desired product click the key Ctrl=f and find the right product according to your need.
Step 9 – Now you will have to read carefully given the description on your computer screen about the product and match the system requirement.
Step 10 – If it’s a suitable product then hit the install button on your computer screen.
Step 11 – Now your Office.com/setup will start downloading as soon as possible. After that, the product you have chosen will be successfully downloaded on your device and then you will be able to remove the installation process from your computer screen.

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